About Us

Our company, Softsupplies Sdn Bhd, is an IT solution company, provide solutions to digitalise products and automate workflow that can create more business value to our clients. We expertise in best user friendly designed products.


Founded by a team of people who love innovative products and services.

Best Experience

We enjoy what we are doing and it allows us to deliver the best to our clients.


We are small and that make us flexible to adopt into each project environment.

IT Services

Good IT support builds good business. At Softsupplies, we focus on building trust with our clients for long and fruitful business relationships. We provide IT Services you can trust, at justifiable price.

IT Solutions Consultations

Implementing and adopting new technologies is critical if you want to stay relevant in today’s ever-changing business world. But doing so can be complex, especially given the amount of solutions available to organizations today. When your company needs IT consulting services or project management to implement technology changes, Softsupplies can help.

Web Portal Development

Design, development, integration, security audit, maintenance, and other services to drive e-cooperation with customers, partners, vendors, and community members.

Mobile Applications Development

Our seamless app development process allows us to create software faster, better and cost efficiently. Strong team collaboration and communication with our clients enables us to enhance security, code quality and stability of our products. Our talented designers ensure that the software we create matches your business identity and branding. We guarantee you that our digital products will meet your highest expectations, because we strive to deliver quality solutions that bring real value.

SEO Services

Understanding your website’s SEO strengths and weaknesses can help you optimise and improve your organic traffic, create a better user experience and generate better quality leads. With our SEO assessment and consultation, we can identify these factors for you.

UI/UX Design

Investment in UX helps create fantastic digital experiences that help you achieve business objectives like revenue, acquisition, retention, engagement, conversion, and self-service targets. Our UX experts follow a design process that draws on customer research, rapid prototyping, usability testing, co-creation workshops and innovation labs, to continually measure and improve the performance of your digital channels.

IT Maintanence Services

We handles the day-to-day IT needs of its clients with a level of efficiency and cost-effectiveness they find impossible to replicate in house. We also step in when they need one-off projects delivered seamlessly, such as implementing technology changes.