3D Hologram LED Fan Display


LED Fan Holograpic Display

Retail shop 3D hologram fan video display

Eye-catcher advertising media tool


as low as RM 300 per day!


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Diameter 65 cm

High Resolution Hologram Display


Amazing Holographic Visual Enjoyment


Innovative LED rotating display technology brings unprecedented cool holographic visual experience

More colors show the wonderful world!


3D Hologram Floating Display Fan is our latest and best advertising player, based on chip and led technology. It uses a SD card or WiFi to allow 3D video to appear floating in the air, the effect can be said to be quite unique. 3D images more eye catching, to replace the traditional non advertising content.


It can be used in shopping mall, shop store, exhibition and marketing promotion, can draw customers' attention well. It is really a best choice if you want to increase sales and receive high brand exposure in an innovative way